Web Based Rollout File Builder for YUI 3 - Installation

PHP CLI and server must be installed on your system.

What follows below is what you would do on Debian/Ubuntu

Install Ant

$ sudo aptitude install ant

- Save all files and directories into one website
- Ensure to have YUI 3 locally and matching the path used by this script: 

<script src="/yui3/yui/yui-min.js"></script> 

or edit  "rollout.php"

Then make the rollout directory and all subdirectories writable and executable:

$ sudo chmod 0755 -R path/to/rollouts/
$ sudo chown -R www-data.www-data path/to/rollouts/

Make the CLI script executable

$ sudo chmod 0755 -R path/to/rollouts/inc/rebuild.php

Inside building_frame.html
find the line:

/*** START user configuration -  edit and configure with all your modules and source paths ***/

edit the configuration to match your own sources
Point your browser to: rollout.php and play!



You can download the Rollout file builder for YUI 3 from SourceForge .


Copyright Eaktion.com 2011, BSD License