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I Will Change Your Life!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

As a new year resolution I’m starting this blog series about my findings and thoughts on the way to build my new startup. I’ve already been a long way “on the road” and met the most diverse sites, ideas, technologies and people. Starting from today, I will write down some notes about these encounters and how my project develops.

Why do I do this? I should have more important things to use my time on, than just write about what I’m doing, right? Yes, however this is a very good way to come out of my comfort zone.  To expose myself, so to put myself in a position where a failure is no longer an option, as it would be too expensive in terms of reputation.

Last year I came across one incredibly wise writer about investments, startups, good ideas and the like: Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator. By the way if you are interested in startups, VCs and surroundings, I encourage you to read all of his essays.

Well, in the one entitled “How Not to Die”, Paul Graham tells about one of the founders of Octopart, that besides dropping out of school to follow his dream, also appeared in Newsweek with the word “Billionaire” printed across his chest.

PG writes: “He just cannot fail now. Everyone he knows has seen that picture. Girls who dissed him in high school have seen it. His mom probably has it on the fridge. It would be unthinkably humiliating to fail now. At this point he is committed to fight to the death.”

I don’t necessarily want to be a billionaire, but certainly I do want to change your life, with my simple yet revolutionary innovation. Remember this, you girl of long time ago, that ditched me at high school, and you old friend that are looking for an early retirement and are laughing at my enthusiasm to work on this project, and you casual reader that for now don’t really see where this is going to lead.

Follow me on the next posts, because I will change your life.