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YUI3ROB forum

On February 24th I’ve published version 0.5 of the rollout file builder for JavaScript files, written for and with YUI 3. This version is a nice enhancement to this tool, among others:

  • it  allows now to build several components at once and store their configuration into the browser.
  • It has a CLI script that allows to rebuild the component after each change to the source code

Use this blog post to add your comments, request for help  or enhancement to the YUI3ROB.

To avoid spam the blog is moderated. Your comment is added after approval.

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2 Responses to “YUI3ROB forum”

  1. Robso Says:

    Brilliant tool, it has pulled my project from the brink by letting me create rollups that work perfectly.

    My only problem, being completely new to YUI3 I am not 100% sure how I should include the rollup js and css file to prevent the loader pulling in the separate CSS files as well. Is there any chance you could put up an example of using the results from a rollup?

    I have the YUI({allowRollup:true,combine:false}) which stops the loader pulling the separate js files but it still pulls the separate css files.

    Thanks again for a fantastic tool that is so easy to setup and get going with.

  2. pnp Says:

    Thank you for the nice words, I’m glad you find it useful.
    The reason why the loader is trying to do something for you is the setting ‘allowRollup:true’.
    Rollup in that sense is meant to be an internal YUI organization of modules where for instance ‘dd’ (drag and drop) is a rollup that includes the set of “dd-ddm-base,dd-ddm,dd-ddm-drop,dd-drag,dd-proxy,dd-constrain,dd-drop,dd-scroll,dd-drop-plugin” submodules.
    Have a look at this post on the YUI forum where I show my configuration.
    <script src="my-yui-rollup.js"></script>
    YUI({bootstrap:true}).use(‘*’, function(Y) {
    // ….
    [/js]Actually one can and perhaps should use ‘bootstrap:false’ as ‘true’ is default but it should not be needed.

    You could also use the configuration suggested by Nick Husher in the post referenced above, where he explicitely defines as ‘superseded’ the modules that he himself has built in rollups. However in my view that configuration is only useful if you use a mix of own rollups and ordinary YUI modules, in order to prevent the loader to fulfill some dependencies that you have fulfilled yourself.
    If you build all the modules in one rollout file (I used the name “rollout file builder” instead of “rollup” ditto, thus trying to avoid the confusion between the YUI rolloups and the files you build yourself, but that didn’t help apparently and maybe it just sounds like a mistake in the ear of mother tounge English speakers) you don’t need to give any particular configuration to YUI except perhaps ‘bootstrap:false’ as said above.

    Please try it out with this simple configuration and let us know how it works.